GNA Networking – July 2nd

The GNA networking group is now meeting in the parlor at the Moody Methodist Church. Attended this week by 28 business leaders and supported each others businesses with 88 referrals. Also this week, the group awarded, Capt. Mike Janota, Galveston Community … Continue reading

Networking Meeting – June 18th

The networking meeting this week welcomed back several of our regulars that have been missed due to changes in work schedules. Also a warm welcome to Grenda, with Grenda Jewelry as a first time visitor to the group, invited by JessieAnn … Continue reading

Networking – June 4th

Networking with the GNA is such a great time, you just don’t think of it as business! However, it’s all about business as we are there to get to know each other so we can support and refer each others … Continue reading

Networking on May 28th

GNA met at Moody Methodist Church on May 28th. We had thirty eight attendees and can boast of 106 referrals. Gene Stanley served hot coffee to at least half of the attendees as usual. Lots of weekly drawing items were available … Continue reading