Meeting Hightlights May 9, 2013

On-Site Spotlight in the Historical Marine Building at Kilgore Mediation

On-Site Spotlight in the Historical Marine Building at Kilgore Mediation

Jeff Kilgore hosted the May On-Site Spotlight meeting at his office – 305 21st Street, Suite 241, in “The 1875 Marine Building” – ph# 409-939-6924.  Jeff  is a Mediator/Lawyer/Arbitrator. His motto is “Mediation for Resolution” and has experience providing legal services for over 38 years, with 19 years of those in  Mediation. He offers services for Trusts, Wills, Probate, Power of Attorneys, Real Estate Matters, Family Law and Contracts.

Jeff Kilgore welcoming the GNA team

Jeff Kilgore welcoming the GNA team



We were treated to tasty snacks at Kilgore Mediation last Thursday.  Jeff Kilgore was an excellent host for this month’s On-Site Spotlight.  Jeff explained the importance of hosting the meeting, being that he was celebrating his anniversary with both his marriage to his lovely wife and being an attorney.  Jeff told some stories of his early encounters in the legal system, thus his decision to stay away from criminal law and pursue mediation law.  We found his reasons both compelling and understandable.  The GNA team thanks Jeff for his generosity and tour of his office!


The lovely Carol Greeney-Wurst


The team was able to give their 30 second “Elevator Speech”

And more prayers are needed. In addition, poor Gene had to have his gall bladder removed Thursday evening, 9 May. From JesseAnn: ” Gene Stanley is in the VA hospital in Houston for gall bladder surgery today, he is expected to be there the rest of the week. He became ill on Thursday and wasn’t able to attend Zelta’s service on Friday and sends his apologies and thanks you for attending. He would love to hear from you, he is in room 5B and his direct phone number is 713-794-8932, for now (they keep changing it).

VA Hospital
(713) 791-1414
2002 Holcombe Blvd Ste 128
Houston, TX



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